The first step, the source of knowledge

Ok, this blog is apparently dead. So I’ll just use it to write my diary, the progress I made with Drupal.

This way, I can read back and repeat the steps I took, someplace else.

Soo.. my first step was to join #drupal and #drupal-support (they are IRC channels on

#drupal-support in particular was a gem if you want to learn the basics. The questions are focused, and at weekend you can participate by answering questions and getting yourself involved (not much people online on weekend, and they usually don’t ask with the hope that their query get solved on weekend).

I found #drupal-themes lack the lively activity, there’s not much I could learn from them. Instead I found #css and #html to be an oasis. They are very generous when it comes to resources you could read in to.

After a week, I was able to solved css problems, and understand mostly of how it work. I helped there for weeks to pay my tribute.

I also join the Drupal forums. But they lack the interactivity one would expect from IRC. It’s not the place for a newbie to track down bugs and verify his assumptions with numerous Q&A.


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